KEV Accurate Measuring was established in 1999 and started operating by 2002 Mr Titus and Mrs Thembisile Ximba.

Starting out as a meter distribution company, KEV has since developed into multi-pronged company that offers an array of meter management services to municipalities throughout South Africa. This includes:

  • Local Government support services
  • Project Management Services
  • Meter Reading Services
  • Plumbing and Civil Contract Services
  • Electricity Installations and Audits
  • Rural home solar installations and solar water geyser installation services

All its shareholders are from previously disadvantage groups with a diversified skills and knowledge base. Some of our key milestones since inception includes:

  • 2004: Our first meter management contract award
  • 2010: Establish a regional operations office in the Western Cape
  • 2012: awarded our first major services contract, with Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
  • 2014: ISO 9001 (2008) Quality Systems Certification

Local Government support
Most of the services KEV offers are geared towards assisting municipalities to achieve sustainable revenue management, through effective management of water and electricity resources.

To be an excellent partner to municipalities and utilities to accurately supply products, installation and information services required for the delivery and management of electricity and water services.
We will define the standards of EXCELLENT QUALITY, as a service provider to municipalities and utilities in the field of water, electricity and construction services.

  • Corporate Governance: Embrace principles of good corporate governance in all our business dealings.
  • Customer focus: Satisfy customer needs by providing goods and services of excellent quality and standard./li>
  • Sustainability: Ensure sustainable business growth by being sensitive to both internal and external operating environment and to encourage organic business growth.
  • Employee empowerment: Follow enlightened employment and empowerment practices.
  • Partnering: Seeking competent business partners who share our values.
  • Optimising: Efficient use of resources to reduce cost and to provide a competitive return to stakeholders

As quality is an inherent culture of our business processes and the key focus of our services, the company has taken the strategic decision to apply for ISO 9001 (2008), Quality Systems Accreditation. This accreditation was received in August 2014. This will further ensure a culture of engrained quality in every facet of our business operations that will indeed take KEV Accurate Measuring to the next level of business excellence and Total Quality Management.


Building partnerships with strategic stakeholders and industry role-players also remains a key priority for our continued growth. In achieving the prime objective the company is committed to:

KEV Accurate Measuring believes in engaging all our customers to improve all aspects of our service delivery projects. We value the objective and constructive feedback received from clients, using this as a basis for developing some in house training programmes. Through our interactive website we also hope to engage with our clients in a more real-time basis to promote dialogue and strive to continuous improvement of our organisation with the valuable input of all our clients. Annual customer surveys will also be conducted to ensure we remain sensitive to areas of concern and through this approach also ensure we are committed to continual improvement.
We believe that companies should conduct their business as responsible citizens in touch with the social and economic issues facing the community. Our company is committed to work in partnership with the community in dealing meaningfully with socio-economic issues that arises from time to time with a view of enhancing value of life in our community and bridging of economic imbalance. We commit ourselves in supporting the local community by ensuring that we employ, train and develop our employees, most of which comes from within the communities we work.


Apart from making donations to various charities and Non Profit Organisations, KEV has also made a strategic undertaking to assist various primary schools with the upkeep and maintenance of their plumbing works.

In order to ensure our employees are always working within a safe and conducive environment, we are committed to observing the safety and environmental determined by the various associations and bodies in every sector we operate. We are committed to comply with the statutory and obligatory aspects of the Occupational Health and Environmental Saftey.
We regard our company as a vehicle to a really and sustainable black economic empowerment with special focus to uplifting of rural and suburban area communities. As such we embrace the underlying principles of BBBEE. KEV is 53% owned by women and is a level 1 BBBEE contributor because we believe and embrace the empowerment policies as laid down by law.

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